Absorbs 30% more carbon


Wake up to bamboo

econscious packaging bamboo

Bamboo is a super tree and is proving to be a readily abundant and sustainable alternative for a lot of manufacturers and brands worldwide. Its strength and versatility have been used by mankind for centuries for building and its value as a green packaging alternative is now recognised.

This tree is amazing. It’s been found to rejuvenate fruitless soil in areas where soil erosion is rife, it grows so much quicker than wood trees so we don’t have to wait 20 years for another harvest, and, it pumps more oxygen into the atmosphere whilst sucking dangerous CO2 back out!

Here are some other key facts:

  • Highly durable and stronger than oak with a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch..
  • Much more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture and a very suitable material for any products containing liquids.
  • Great for the planet. Bamboo absorbs up to 30% more carbon and releases up to 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees.
  • Bamboo products are 100% bio-degradable and compostable and has a much lower carbon impact.