Food Waste

Sugar cane (Bagasse)

minimising waste, maximising resources

Bagasse is the fibrous residue remaining from crushed sugarcane waste and is an excellent and sustainable alternative to using wood pulp or paper based packaging products for a number of reasons…

Paper is made from plant fibres called cellulose which are extracted from wood and then pulped to become paper products.  This material and its manufacturing process have negative implications on our planet as not only does it require a lot of deforestation and destruction to rainforests and their inhabitants, but the bleaching process to turn the pulp white releases a lot of gases and chlorine into the climate.

Here are some reasons why we love bagasse:

  • Bagasse products are 100% bio-degradable and compostable and has a much lower carbon impact than plastic goods.
  • Sugarcane waste is in rich supply and otherwise burnt if not utilised.
  • Bagasse is a tree-free product and helps us to control and regulate deforestation.
  • Extremely durable and can withstand hot foods and liquids up to 200 degrees F.